Why Does A Bugatti Take A Long Time To Build (With Video)

Why Does A Bugatti Take A Long Time To Build (With Video)


The creme de la creme of cars. One of the most exclusive cars on the planet, it boasts a top speed of up to 261 miles per hour, 1500 Horsepower, and a hefty price tag of $3 Million. Owning one is a status symbol in the world. Cars like these cannot be bought off the shelf like other supercars.

The waitlist for a Bugatti is about 4 years as it takes about 6 months to manufacture and this does not include the time taken to test the car. Let’s dive deeper into the manufacturing process.

Why does Bugatti take so longThe Bugatti, unlike other mass-produced automobiles, is meticulously assembled by hand as evident in the Bugatti Chiron, except for its motor. The manufacturing of the Bugatti occurs without using any conveyor system or machines and the 1800 pieces of the Bugatti are handed across over twelve stations and take more than six months to assemble, with around 70 produced in a year.

So it is no surprise that this degree of artistry is expensive and takes so long since it has only 20 people who make them. Time are needed to the optimal stability and reliability expected from buyers.

Customization offers

As you purchase a vehicle, you usually don't have much flexibility for customization. Even showrooms sell automobiles stocked. Furthermore, when you buy a car online, there are limitations to the degree of customization. An example would be the limited options on the colors of paint and other add-ons. On the other hand, Bugatti takes customization to a whole different extreme.

Bugatti gives buyers a dizzying array of hue patterns to pick among. They can even go as far as to mix colors to suit your liking. For instance, in Bugatti Chiron, you can choose from twenty-three different colors while purchasing. Also, there are eight different colors of Alcantara and thirty-one colors of stitching available. Bugatti also offers you to choose from eighteen carpet colors, and seat belts are available in more than ten colors. Ergo, this depth of customization contributes to the vehicle's high price tag.

Bugatti factories

When you purchase a car, its location and parts are frequently less than desirable.

On the other hand, Bugatti stands out for making their automobiles in one of the most costly places globally instead of outsourcing their workforce to less-developed nations. Bugatti cars are assembled in eastern France, where the company was first founded in 1909. 

The location of their plant is in Molsheim, Eastern France, in the Alsace area. Alsace is often famous as one of the wealthiest regions in France's highly established country. According to most measures, the area has the third-highest GDP in the country. As a result, Bugatti must include additional manufacturing costs when releasing their vehicles. It can take up to three months for everything to be put together, and another two months for it to be ready. 

Bugatti Factory Tour

You can see the factory tour video at @TheHamiltonCollection showing president of Bugatti, Christophe Pichon and Pierre-Henri Raphanel highlighting

  • its hydraulic system for the rear wing and the use of titanium for the exhaust system
  • elaborate cooling system for the 16-cylinder engine, which requires 60 L of water
  • painting of a Bugatti taking around 3-4 weeks
  • safety measures are also a priority during testing, with the use of protective doors, windscreens, and cooling systems
  • Each car undergoes extensive testing and inspection before delivery, including a six-hour inspection in a light tunnel by a team of experts. 
  • Each car will be quality checked by the President who also headed Quality previously before it is sent to the customer.

While you cannot visit the factory, you can see the nearby "Musée National de l'Automobile” (National Museum of Automobiles) to view the largest Bugatti collection in Europe for around 18 euros.

After the Rimac takeover in 2021, the factory will continue in France with a global headquarter in Zagreb, Croatia.

"In time, Bugatti Rimac's global headquarters will be situated at the recently announced Rimac Campus, also serving as the home of Rimac Technology," Rimac said, of a facility currently scheduled to open in 2023 on the outskirts of Zagreb.

High-quality material 

In current times, the composition of most automobiles is of standard materials and is ordered and assembled in bulk. Contrary to the Bugatti, It distinguishes itself by using only the highest quality materials that would be used to manufacture its works of art.

These high-quality elements consist of carbon fiber for its external surfaces, several types of leathers ranging from southern leather to ostrich leather, and in specific bespoke interpretations, even unique materials like gold. As a result, it should be unsurprising that these enhancements come with a price.

High brand trust

If you went out and bought a regular car like a Toyota or a Nissan, you may obtain a relatively reliable car. Though it might not be the best, it certainly gets you from point A to B.

When a Bugatti is manufactured, you expect 0 defects and problems given its price tag and waiting time.

However, if you get a Bugatti, reliability is the foundation for the car. That's only possible as every Bugatti is checked, double-examined, and triple-tested to ensure that each car element is precise and functioning flawlessly. Due to this, it has gained a reputation for manufacturing one of the best cars in the world.

How Much Do Bugatti Weigh

The weight of a Bugatti varies depending on the model.

  • Bugatti Chiron Sports has a weight of 1995 kg (4399 lbs),
  • Bugatti Bolide has a improved weight of 1,240 kilograms (2,734 pounds) by using high-strength carbon fibers, lightweight 3D printed materials, and titanium screws, and
  • Bugatti Veyron weighed 1888kg (4162 lbs).

Final words

Though the process of making a Bugatti takes longer than other automobiles, the result is incomparable. Each part of the car is painstakingly put together manually and eventually tested to perfection. With such dedication and precision to their craft, it is no surprise that the price tag that comes along with it might burn a hole in your wallet. You know what they say, if it isn't perfect, it isn't a Bugatti.

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