Why Car Dealerships Are The Worst?

Why Car Dealerships Are The Worst?

From a 2016 Beepi news, 61% of Americans feel like they've been taken advantage of at least some of the time when shopping at a car dealership. 52% of Americans feel anxious or uncomfortable when visiting a car dealership.

The 10 reasons why buying a car from an auto dealership can be the worst experience:

  1. Salesman Hanging Around the Dealership’s Office
  2. Salesmen Turnover 
  3. Wrong Use of Internet Department
  4. Your Salesman Ask to Wait Here or Follow Me
  5. They Make Things Unclear or Ambiguous 
  6. They Try to Change Your Mind
  7. Any Scary Salesman Can Come to Convince You.
  8. They Make You Fool
  9. You Feel Uncomfortable
  10. No Free Time in the Open-air market

In this article, we will discuss why car dealerships are the worst and why people hate them.

When you shop online, you can minimize your interaction with the dealership. When you visit a car dealership, you must know what you want to purchase. 

If you want to have a good car experience, you need to choose the right dealership. You can’t predict how the dealership is going to change in the future with companies like Carvana (e.g. vending machine for a used car).

10 Reasons Why People Hate Car Dealerships

People hate car dealers for a reason. Let’s have a look at some of the major reasons. 

  • Salesman Hanging Around the Dealership’s Office
  • Dealerships use salesman to convince customers. They know which salesman can help the customer in the best way. The dealership waits until the customer arrives and remains inside. Salesmen approach the customer and politely offer assistance. Salesmen are well-trained, and they know how to convince a customer. When we talk about bad dealership experience, a perfect example is salesmen standing on the curb like hawks and looking for fresh meat. Being a customer, you never want to visit such a bad dealership. 

  • Salesmen Turnover 
  • One salesman will disappear, and another will take over. You might feel that you are dealing with a turnover house. It is a style to grab a customer. They will keep throwing salesmen at you until you are ready to sign a contract. The turnover system is ideal for dealerships and the worst for the customers. So, you need to avoid it. Otherwise, you might make the wrong decision. 

  • Wrong Use of Internet Department
  • When you call the internet department to get things right, and on track, when you arrive at the dealership shop, you don’t have to communicate with the salesman. You can take advantage of using the internet department. If you have quoted a price while communicating online, the price should apply when you visit a dealership shop. If the salesman is trying to convince you to switch to another car, then it’s time to try another dealership. Don’t waste time there. 

  • Your Salesman Ask to Wait Here or Follow Me
  • If they do so, they are checking or trying to control you. When a salesman asks you to wait here or let me talk to my boss and disappear for a half-hour, they are playing mind games with you. They want you to spend lots of time in transactions so that you don’t go anywhere else. They are playing school games with you, so if you want to beat them, be unpredictable. Don’t follow a salesman and leave their office. It’s your car’s purchase and your money, so you should be in control instead of a salesman. 

  • They Make Things Unclear or Ambiguous 
  • When you ask them how much monthly payment you are going to pay, and they say it’s "from $XXX". It means they are not telling things right. It is their way to tell you the minimum price without letting you know the details. The salesman might say, “From $350/month” so, it is important to ask for the details; otherwise, you will be paying an extra amount per month. Be careful with this word and avoid negotiations. 

  • They Try to Change Your Mind
  • As mentioned earlier, salesmen are professionally trained, and their purpose is to sell whatever they have on a car lot. They will try to change your mind and will switch you from one car to another. For example, they would say, the black model you want to purchase won’t make you as popular as this luxury brand can do. It is a sign of a good salesman to listen to you and fulfill your needs. If he is not doing that, then he is the worst salesman. 

  • Any Scary Salesman Can Come to Convince You.
  • When you are sitting and thinking about the deal and a scary big guy comes and sits down across you. He started to put pressure on you. Any attempts that put pressure on you to increase your offer are illegal, and you should depart from that shop. If you feel the deal was almost done and you want to buy at that rate, you can approach that salesman via the internet department. 

  • They Make You Fool
  • It is another big reason why people feel that car dealerships are the worst. They make you fool by saying that the advertised car model is no longer available. They place ads to attract customers and bring them to the dealership so that they can convince them to purchase whatever models they have on the lot. You can insist on them to show the car that was advertised, and by law, you have every right to do so. They will say that it’s already sold or it’s out for a test drive. 

  • You Feel Uncomfortable
  • Whenever you visit a restaurant or department store, do they make you feel bad? No, they will never do. So, why you want them to make you feel uncomfortable. They will make you feel uncomfortable when you start a negotiation. Test the salesperson, and if you feel he is not right for you, don’t waste time and look for another dealership. 

  • No Free Time in the Open-air market
  • It is not easy to get a break in the high-pressure sales environment. So, it is better to make a conversation with someone who has a good knowledge of these things. When you visit the dealership, they will make you confuse and waste your time. So, spend time on discussions with persons who know cars. 


    It is the dream of everyone to buy a brand new car, but when they visit a car dealership, they make their dream worst. There are lots of reasons why people feel car dealerships are the worst. They make you fool, and when salesmen negotiate, customers feel uncomfortable. So, be aware of the tactics of dealership and salesmen and save your money. 

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