How to Clean the Car Dashboard?

When your car console is getting sticky, and trash begins to pile up, it’s time for the interior cleaning of your car.

While cleaning residue or dust from the dashboard, make sure that you are not damaging it. This is the steps to clean the car dashboard:-

  • Vacuum the Surface
  • Wipe Everything Down 
  • Cleaning Rubber, Vinyl, and Plastic Dashboards
  • Cleaning Dashboards 
  • Cleaning of Other Areas
  • Do Polishing

The cleaning of the dashboard might look like wasting your time, but it is not the case.

After following the simple steps, your dashboard will look like a brand new. Moreover, it will improve the overall appearance of your car’s interior. 

Steps for Cleaning Car Dashboard

People want to know how to clean the car dashboard. This guide will be helpful for all those people. 

  • Vacuum the Surface
  • First of all, remove debris, dirt, and pieces of trash from your dashboard surface. This step is essential because while cleaning, they can result in causing scratches on the dashboard. After cleaning the pieces of trash, take a vacuum with a soft brush attachment. Use this vacuum on the entire dashboard. 

  • Wipe Everything Down 
  • Now you have a smooth surface for cleaning. You have to wipe and disinfect your dashboard. You will have to use different cleaning solutions based on the material your dashboard is made of. So, perform a spot test to avoid damage before applying the cleaning solution to the entire surface. 

  • Cleaning Rubber, Vinyl, and Plastic Dashboards
  • If your dashboard is made of vinyl, rubber, and plastic, you need a mild soap for cleaning. Take a microfiber cloth and make it wet then place mild soap directly onto the cloth. Now, wash your dashboard thoroughly with the soapy microfiber cloth. It won’t be easy to reach areas like air vents, so you need a paintbrush to clean up such spaces. Use a gentle and soft-bristled toothbrush with soap and scrub the area. 

    If the stains are tougher, you can create a natural dashboard cleaner. You can create the product at home. Take 2 cups of water, ½ teaspoon detergent, 3 tablespoons of vinegar, and ½ teaspoon oil-based soap. Create a mixture of all these ingredients. Spray the mixture directly over the dirty spots in the dashboard. Let the mixture sit for a minute and take a damp microfiber cloth and wipe it off. 

  • Cleaning Leather Dashboards 
  • Dashboards made of leather are sensitive to soaps and chemical cleaners. These mild soaps and cleaners crack the leather and make it dull. When your leather dashboard needs cleaning, you can use a damp microfiber cloth for basic and quick cleaning. 

    If your dashboard has more dirty spots, you can use a damp microfiber cloth with any of the available oil-based soap, such as a non-alkaline leather cleaner or a castile soap. Apply the same procedure as mentioned above for cleaning hard reach places. Other parts of the leather dashboard like vent covers can be cleaned by using a gentle soap. 


  • Cleaning of Other Areas

    Don’t forget to clean the gear shift, radio system, center console, and glass dash cover. Clean all these details according to the material they are made of. For glass cover and radio, use a microfiber cloth and glass cleaner to avoid glare, dust remnants from paper towels, and streaking. Allow your dashboard cleaner to sit for five minutes in the dirty cup holder of your center console. Take a towel and soak the residue. Moreover, you can wipe down with a damp microfiber cloth. 


  • Do Polishing

    You can give your dashboard extra shine by polishing it after cleaning. Polishing protects from wear and tear. Buy a dashboard polish and put it on a microfiber cloth. It is essential to perform a spot test before applying it to the whole surface. Wipe the polish on the entire surface of your dashboard. If some spots are left, you can use more polish as needed. It’s time to perform the final check and take a clean and dry microfiber cloth to clean any residue left behind.

    If you want to use a natural solution for polishing, use coconut oil or olive oil. Again, you will have to perform a spot test first, wipe the oil on your dashboard and clear it with a dry microfiber cloth. It will help to clean, protect, condition, and shine your dashboard. Now, your car has a brand new interior, and you can protect your interior by using a windshield cover to block the sun’s UV rays and heat. This protection can prevent cracks in your dashboard. 

    Summary of Steps of How to Clean Car Dashboard

    • Use a vacuum with a soft bristle attachment and remove dust and debris from the dashboard. Make sure you have a smooth and clean surface before going into the next step. 
    • Take a clean microfiber cloth and dip it in the mixture of soap and water. Use the microfiber cloth to wipe the dashboard, handbrake, steering wheel, and other hard surfaces in your dashboard. 
    • It can be tricky to clean hard reach surfaces like air vents so it can’t be cleaned with a cloth. For cleaning such paths, you need a soft toothbrush. 
    • After the cleaning dashboard, it’s time to add some shine. Apply a small amount of polish and wipe it with a dry cloth. 
    • Finally, use a homemade car air freshener. Use dryer sheets to wipe your dashboard, and sheets will keep it fresh and clean. 


    Cleaning a car’s interior is also essential to enhance the lifespan. People often ask how to clean the car dashboard. This guide can help them to clean their dashboard and make it brand new. Follow all these steps to clean your car’s dashboard and enjoy a fresh and clean interior. Remember, use cleaning solutions according to the material of your dashboard. You can prepare your cleaning solution at home and perform a spot test before applying it to the whole surface. Use windshield covers to block sun rays and heat, and it will prevent cracks on your dashboard. 

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