How Long Do Portable Jump Starters Last?

How Long Do Portable Jump Starters Last?

Before starting your long road trip, you might wonder how long a portable jump starter will last. So, in this article, we will try to answer this question. 

How Long Should a Portable Jump Starters Last?

It is the question that is in the minds of so many people including ours.

I meet a few people in my life who are using portable jump starters, and they said that the jump starter battery lasts for more than four years. If you can maintain your jump starter battery, then you can use it for even six years.

So, we can’t make any conclusion about how long portable jump starters last, because it is important to read the manufacturer’s declarations before making any final decision. 

Some Basic Details about Portable Jump Starters

Before going into details of how long do portable jump starters last? Let’s have a look at some basic information about jump starters. 

  • It is the latest innovation, and you can easily carry along with you.
  • Safety clamps also come along with a jump starter battery.
  • You need to charge it after every use. 
  • It gives a sudden boost of electricity to your car battery.
  • Frequent use of jump starter can lead to battery degrade. 
  • If your vehicle is hot, avoid using it immediately. 
  • A jump pack of the battery comes with different mAh power. 

Many vehicle owners have varying opinions regarding the lifespan of a battery. So, if we talk about an average, portable jump starter battery should last for more than six years. People who work in the car manufacturing industry claim that you can use your battery for more than six years under normal conditions. 

Now the question is what is meant by normal conditions? Normal conditions mean humidity, the right amount of temperature, and some chemicals in the atmosphere. If there is high acidity in the atmosphere, it is likely to reduce the lifespan of a battery. Other factors that can contribute to a longer lifespan are the right amount of power passed and correct and recommended full charge cycles. Under the worst conditions, you can hope your portable jump starter to last for three years and at best four years. So, if the conditions are worse, you would be lucky if your battery can last for three years. 

How to Have a Longer Lifespan of a Portable Jump Starter Battery? 

When you pay full attention and care, the chances are it can last for more than six or seven years. You never want to spoil your trip because of a faulty battery. You can extend your battery’s lifespan in several ways, and it can save you from lots of worries. So, how long do portable jump starters last? It will depend on the below-given factors. 

  • Optimal Temperature
  • Make sure that you keep your battery at optimal temperature. If temperatures are very high, let’s say more than 90-Degree Fahrenheit, it can reduce the lifespan of a battery. So, to keep your battery in optimal temperature, keep the temperature between 65-90 degrees to ensure battery can last longer. 

  • Use Charge Controller All the Times
  • It is an interesting thing that the speed of charging varies. Let’s say from 0 to 90% it will take seven hours and from 90 to 100% it takes five hours. The purpose of a charge controller is to ensure that your battery doesn’t get overcharged. In this way, the chances are your battery can last long. 

  • Keep an Eye on Your Driving Habits
  • Short trips are never good for the portable jump starters. Every time you start your vehicle, it will negatively impact the battery and reduce the lifespan of a battery. Massive power is required each time to start your battery, so when you start your vehicle, again and again, it’s not a good sign for your battery. Shorter trips mean your battery doesn’t get a chance to get fully charged. 

    The Benefits of Portable Jump Starters

    There are many reasons to use a portable jump starter. So, let’s have a look at some of the things that makes it a worthy investment. 

  • Compact
  • It is probably the best thing about a portable jump starter. It wouldn’t take too much space in your car, and you can carry it along with you. It is small, smart, and lightweight. 

  • Safe Jump Starting 
  • Dealing with electricity is always dangerous, so it provides you the peace of mind because it offers lots of safety features. Moreover, it is equipped with state-of-the-art microprocessors. 

  • Packs Lots of Power 
  • It is smaller in size but can deliver a lot of cranking amps. It can provide you multiple starts before it needs to be charged. 

  • Multipurpose 
  •  The best thing about this portable jump starter is it can be used for more than one task. For example, you can use it as a portable charger for your gadgets. Moreover, you can use it anytime and anywhere. If you have a jump starter in your car, you can feel self-reliant. You don’t need to call for help because it can provide you multiple startups. 


    How long do portable jump starters last? There is no specific lifespan of a portable jump starter battery. However, you can control how long it should last. The lifespan of your battery will depend on the method of charging and your driving habits. So, it is important to keep your battery in optimal temperature and suitable conditions to extend the lifespan. Generally, on average, a portable jump starter battery lasts for six or seven years. This lifespan also depends on the attention and care you pay to your battery. 

    So next time you are going for a long journey, and you feel your vehicle is wearing off, and you still have a long way to go. It is getting dark outside, remember to check your portable jump starter. Most of us don’t want to find ourselves in a dark and cold situation with a broke down car.

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